The word Yoga means “union” and Sally’s intention is to dissolve the bridges that tend to exist between the various styles of yoga and create a community where this union is honored, respected and reflected. To say that one style of yoga is better than another creates separation and righteousness, immediately distancing us from humility and Oneness. For Sally, yoga is like a big beautiful tree. Each branch of the tree is a different style of yoga and it is the sum of the branches that make up the Yoga Tree.
Yoga Experience, formally Go Yoga and originally Bikram Yoga Jozi, owned by Sally Flanagan, opened its doors in June 2003. The studio started off as a solely Bikram Yoga studio and over the years has evolved to a studio where a variety of Yoga styles are offered. This evolution was inspired by Sally’s love for yoga in its’ entirety and she thus wanted to share with her community, the beauty and benefits that come from practicing more than one kind of yoga.

We look forward to breathing and moving with you and sharing and spreading the joy that comes from a regular yoga practice. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner to the practice, please come along and join the tribe.

Welcome to Yoga Experience.
Om shanti




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Spend R250 to buy yourself 10 consecutive days of yoga. 10 DAYS to do as much yoga as you want….

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The History of Yoga

The origins of yoga are shrouded in the mists of time for yoga is regarded as a divine science of life, revealed to enlightened sages in meditation. The oldest archaeological evidence of its existence is provided by a number of stone seals showing figures in yogic postures, excavated from the Indus valley and thought to date from around 3000BC. Yoga is first mentioned in the vast collection of scriptures called the Vedas…

Yoga In Your Life

Many people are first drawn to yoga as a way to keep their bodies fit and supple – good to look at and to live in. Others come seeking help or relief for a specific complaint, like tension or backache. Some are merely impelled by a sense that they are not getting as much out of life as they could be. Whatever your reason, yoga can be a tool, an instrument for you, giving you both what you came for, and more…




as taught by Sally Flanagan-Gutjahr
Inspired by the 26 postures of Bikram Yoga
• 14 weeks • 18 March - 25th June 2017 •

This is a physically, emotionally and mentally challenging training where you will learn to teach the 26 postures of Bikram Yoga. We will study each posture in depth so that you understand them on an experiential level which will result in a deeper and more authentic yoga practice.

Even though this time is a three month, part time training, it still demands your full attention and 100% commitment.

Types of Yoga

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23rd of September 2016 08:48 PM
23rd of September 2016 01:55 PM
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Please help us & donate to our Yoga Party at Build the Future
We spend Tuesday mornings hosting weekly yoga classes for the 75 kids at Build the Future in Kya Sands We like to finis...
25th of October 2016 10:30 AM
23rd of September 2016 08:38 AM
23rd of September 2016 08:11 AM
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Be Yoga Day Retreat with Tegan Burger & Nutritional Therapist Monica Codevilla
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15th of October 2016 09:00 AM
23rd of September 2016 07:51 AM
Hi Everyone.
Yesterday, I had an othroscopy on my right hip to repair a torn labrum by the brilliant Dr Cakic and his awesome team. Just to let you know that I am around by I will not be teaching yoga for a while. Stay in touch and "do your yoga and all is coming"
I highly recommend attending Satsang, this Sat 24th, 4-6pm. In the flow
Namaste Sally
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23rd of September 2016 07:32 AM
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23rd of September 2016 07:30 AM
I always drink water first thing in the morning, it's good to get the thumbs up and reasons why it's so beneficial for our health.
This was posted by Peter Mckendry - superb Chinese doc & acupuncturist in Mornngside. Students often ask me for an acupuncturist- he's your man.
Namaste Xhttps://www.facebook.com/peter.mckendry.7/posts/1134392089975441
23rd of September 2016 07:26 AM
23rd of September 2016 07:21 AM
This is an inspiring article onthe brain and how it is stimulated by yoga & pranayama & mediation 🕉
22nd of September 2016 08:38 PM
Some inspiration to inspire you to show up for Satsang this Sat. 4-6. 🕉
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22nd of September 2016 06:38 PM
Go and see this, it can only be fascinating & the Bioscope is a funky venue. Namaste sally
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/100987660338664/
What is Real? Jo'burg premiere
"What is Real?" The Story of Jivamukti Yoga. Tells the real-life story of two visionaries, Sharon Gannon and David Life...
23rd of September 2016 07:00 PM
22nd of September 2016 03:03 PM
22nd of September 2016 02:52 PM
Saturday 24th 4-6 pm no charge :)
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22nd of September 2016 02:51 PM
Beginners Ashtanga with Matt...
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22nd of September 2016 02:45 PM
Rest in Peace
Dearest Douw Steyn
We shall miss your kind
smiling face
thank you for your grace
spent in our space
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22nd of September 2016 02:44 PM
Work Opportunity @ Yoga Experience
We are looking for a new staff member to join our team at the desk
Weekends, public holidays and holiday work.
Position will include free yoga and remuneration.
Please contact Bianca on manager@bikramyoga.co.za
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22nd of September 2016 02:42 PM
21st of September 2016 10:19 AM
I'm back and can't wait to see you tonight for Ashtanga Flow at 17:30! Here's inspiration for you ♡♡♡
20th of September 2016 08:25 PM
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19th of September 2016 09:13 PM
Douw Steyn's memorial:
Wednesday 21 September 10:00 @ Gereformeerde Kerk Alkantrant, 165 Koelman Straat, Ashlea Gardens, Pretoria ❤

We are delighted to announce that Yoga Experience is a member of Discovery Vitality.

For all Discovery Vitality members out there, you can now log your yoga classes at Yoga Experience and receive 150 points per day. We are still awaiting our secure ipod Discovery Vitality stand but until then, simply log in on the ipad at reception.

We trust this benefit will support and inspire you to DO MORE YOGA


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