Bikram Advanced Classes

84 Intermediate & Advanced Classes | Every Wednesday and Selected Saturdays


Every Wednesday at 16:30 and on selected Saturdays, we’ll be running through all 84 classic asanas within the Ghosh lineage, where Bikram yoga originates – but don’t be intimidated! No need to be at any particular level to join, as long as you’re able to stay conscious of your body and what it’s telling you.


The practice is challenging and you probably will not be able to do all 84 postures to their final expression, but the doing is in the trying, so come flop around with us anyway.


The room will be heated just enough and it’ll be more relaxed than a regular class – you’re allowed to laugh, play, and ask questions. It is recommended that you attend the regular morning class as a warm-up, but be aware when you reach your limits.


Come with an empty, but not starving belly. The practice will last for about 2 hours. Look out for these classes on the schedule!

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Ice Therapy

Ice Therapy Fundamental workshop at Yoga Experience | Saturday, 19 October

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