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Yoga & Life Style Clothing Brands

  • Yogafunk


LISA FISHER – Previous creator of STR!P clothing

NOW brings to Jozi Yogafunk urban crafted Yogawear.

Yogafunk’s winter range “The Big 5” takes inspiration from the wild, the untamed & the free. You can expect leopard & snake prints in jersey-knit, textured velvets & faux furs in her usual snug “fits like a second skin“. Shades are deep, dark & moody with splashes of colour.

  • Nulu Yogawear


  • Shakti Shanti Yoga Wear


Places To Eat – Vegan & Vegetarian

  • The Greenside Cafe


Nestled in the heart of Greenside, the Greenside Cafe is a vegetarian and vegan haven. The food is prepared with integrity, love and mindfulness for human beings, other beings, and the planet.

  • Free Food *

100% Vegan + Gluten-Wheat-Sugar-Preservative-Dairy-Free.

* No animals were harmed in the making of our food.


Free Food* Diner & Take-Away

Health Guru

  • Health Guru


Health Guru’s mission is to keep you informed on the most up-to-date, relevant and balanced health and wellness information, and to provide you with the tools to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Play. Move. Breathe ™

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Karen Downing: Astrologer & Life Coach

Karen Downing

I am an astrologer and a life coach, consulting out of Johannesburg. My passion is connecting with people and assisting them in bringing about personal growth within their lives. My aim is to inspire my clients to connect with their own magnificent power, their own truth.

Astrology studies the movements of the planets, looking at the patterns and interactions they form which has an influence on one’s growth and development.
This is like a collage of moments and inspiration from the universe.

Through my consultations, I interpret the visions for your current year and circumstances, interpreting your personal energies.
I highlight how these energies may result in emotional challenges, perhaps causing one to feel trapped, overwhelmed or unsure about which direction to follow. At the same time, I can also identify the areas in your life in which there is the opportunity for growth, where one is being gently nudged forward.

Hearing the harmony of your own pathway read out loud has a ring of truth which inspires and motivates.
You will feel empowered and that anything is possible. You can tune into your master plan and make conscious choices.

An Astrology consultation is an opportunity for reassessing life. It allows you to unlock these celestial patterns’ significance in the path of your life, providing you with tremendous guidance and insight.

Readings Are Conducted Via A Skype Consult

Please contact me on k_downing@mweb.co.za to book your consultation today

Cell: 079 696 9412