Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga is inspired by many different forms of yoga, with a strong foundation in the Ashtanga tradition. Vinyasa Flow is an invigorating practice with creative and playful sequencing. This class maintains focus on breath awareness, core strength and key alignment principles.

All levels welcome.

Our Teachers

Natalie Botha

Natalie’s teaching comes from an Ashtanga Vinyasa grounding- searching for the balance between strength and flexibility, surrender and commitment, discipline and delight.

Vinyasa is the playground where intention, breath, dedication and openness to gifts as yet unwrapped, takes the form of a practice where the body does asana, and yoga is the state you are in when it happens.

Yoga is a state of wholeness- nothing lacking, everything perfect- just not finished yet…

Natalie will be a registered Yoga Alliance 500 hr Vinyasa teacher as of September 2012, you can join the progressive classes at any level and benefit from the immersion into a practice that challenges your conceptions of possibility and grounds you in the magic and potential of everyday living.

Natalie Botha

Tanya Botha

I started practising in 2002, and have been teaching since 2006. Starting as a dedicated Ashtanga follower, I now focus on Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga.
While living overseas I was blessed to study with several AYRI Certified Ashtanga teachers in Taiwan and Thailand, as well as with Guruji Pattabhi Jois and Sharath in Mysore, India. I’ve done several 200hrs of Teacher Training and studied with many international Anusara teachers, including Martin Kirk who is an expert in Anatomy and Yoga Therapeutics in the USA.

Unfortunately, I have really struggled with many natural, genetic misalignments in my body (bad back, knees, shoulder, neck, hip and ankle). When I discovered the therapeutic approach and biomechanical alignment principles of Anusara Yoga in 2005 it completely changed my experience of how to work with my body. My classes and teaching are now very much based on Anusara, giving me a unique approach as very few teachers in SA have studied this style of Yoga.

I’m not so interested in putting people into crazy poses. My main aim in teaching is to help people to work with their joints and connective tissue in a way that is supportive, will protect from injury and ensure that we are all still doing our yoga well into our 90s! I also teach with a strong breath-focus which balances the nervous system, bringing the mind into that centred meditative place that is so elusive in today’s insanely paced lifestyle.

For 5 years I was a facilitator of the Pranayama, Yogic Energetics, Philosophy and Yogic History sections of a well-known yoga teacher training course. It is these deeper aspects that are my true interest in Yogic practice and they are the basis for everything I do in my life. My advice for a good life: take what you learn on the mat and apply it to everything you do off your mat. That’s where the true Yoga is!

Shasta Goodfellow

Shasta is a barefoot child of the Earth, a tree-climbing goddess. Like most Scorpios, she’s swept through life by the swirling river of transformation, sometimes kicking and screaming, often almost drowning, but along the way beginning to get the hang of flowing with the currents.

From Zambian missionary child to yoga teacher her evolution has taken her through an insightful journey, bringing a little bit of wisdom and a whole lot of compassion.

Through her work as a birth educator, Shasta’s deepest desire is to see more of the souls reaching Earth being encouraged to participate wholly in their own birth process, with the cooperation of their parents. To play yoga with Shasta is to know her.

Shasta Goodfellow
Shasta Goodfellow

Bruce Burger

Bruce Burger

“I love Yoga, and sharing its light to manifest positive changes to this world is my life-path.”

Bruce led a typical pedestrian life, with two degrees in Engineering and an MBA. In 2006 he studied Reiki and then Mindfulness training and so began his journey into conscious and mindful living. This was followed by further esoteric and traditional studies; eventually leading him to Yoga.

In 2011 Bruce became a certified teacher of Vinyasa Yoga taught by Cherryl Duncan and Sarah Bentz of Living Yoga. Their teachings inspired him to teach others to experience Yoga. In 2013, to enrich his teachings, he completed the international Jivamukti Yoga 300hr teacher training course with Sharon Gannon and David Life. In 2014, he followed this up with a course in traditional Yoga meditation run by Abhyasa Ashram.

His love for Yoga now reflects through his teaching with emphasis on the Yogi’s individual requirements, irrespective of their level of practice, and acts as a “guide” for the Yogi on their journey.

His current interests relate to all aspects of Yoga, traditional Yogic practices, mantra, knowledge, devotion, with emphasis on pranayama and meditation.

All the teachings of Yoga are of our fabric and Bruce encourages students to rediscover the joy of Yoga for themselves through their own regular practice on and off the mat. Yoga unites us back with our creative source, and only the student can do this for themselves, becoming their own teacher.

“Yoga is a personal journey and it is my honour to guide students with confidence and joy on the path that is Yoga

Steven Hayman

Steven is originally from Belgium and came to Africa in 2004 through his job at an international trading company (first in Nigeria and then South Africa). During an extended holiday in India in 2009, he was introduced to different styles and practices of yoga. Upon his return to South Africa, he continued to practice yoga regularly and really started to experience its many benefits to stay balanced and healthy while having a busy travelling and work schedule.

Steven loves the vinyasa flow style of yoga with a good amount of action and intensity in the classes and its always changing sequences depending on the focus and inspiration of the instructor. In 2013 he completed his yoga teacher training, promptly quit his corporate job after 12 years, and started his own company Yoga Works to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with lots of people and to organise fun yoga events in and around Johannesburg (on rooftops, in art galleries, in the park,…)

Expect fun and creative sequences focussed around a central theme per session, accessible to all levels of yogis who enjoy a bit of intensity. Steven loves inversions and arm balances and always offers lots of opportunities to go upside down or to try out some more challenging poses. Other important elements of his classes include funky playlists, lots of hands-on adjustments and precise instructions for safe alignment.

Steven Heyman
Steven Heyman

Melanie Castleman

Melanie Castleman Smiling
Melanie Castleman Posture

My practice started in 2001 when I discovered that all I needed to do was tie myself into a knot to feel at peace? After a few years, I had completed two teacher trainings, 2004 YYI (Iyengar based), 2005 Hatha (Haum of Yoga) as well as many workshops/immersions with various international and local teachers.

I am Inspired by Anusara, Vinyasa, Forrest, Ashtanga and Kundalini. I have experienced Desiree Rumbaugh (Anusara ), Jordan Bloom (Anusara ), Ashtanga in the Shala with Charat and Saraswati (AYRI Mysore, India), Gurmukh on the Ganges (Kundalini), Seann Corn (Vinyasa), and many of our fantastic local teachers.

After experiencing many different styles of yoga my passion lies in Vinyasa, it allows me the freedom to combine my favourite aspects of other styles into one while adding my own personal “twist”. I enjoy discovering ways of stringing and infusing postures into a sequence that inspires and changes our way of habit, liberating body, mind, and spirit. My classes are challenging for those who wish to deepen their practice as well as accommodating to beginners. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.


Avril Chambers

My journey with yoga began at a very early age; I was blessed to be allowed to practise yoga with my mom at the age of three in the 1960’s when yoga was first introduced to the western world. That is where the initial seed was planted and lay dormant until I reached my twenties.

I rediscovered the healing practice of yoga out of a need for stress relief during my stint in the Corporate World as a fashion buyer, realising that I found sanity and serenity on my mat. After I left the corporate industry I started my own fashion design label and once again the stress encouraged me to pick up a more serious practice which leads to my wanting to teach and share this passion that is yoga, meditation and pranayama.

I did my teacher’s training in Hatha in 2013 with Taryn Herselman at Shakti yoga centre and am registered with Yoga Alliance International. In 2014 I completed the foundation course of Yogabeez children’s yoga teacher training programme. The current styles of yoga that I teach are Hatha, Vinyasa flow and restorative yin. My aim is to inspire all whom I teach to fall in love with this very ancient and very magical healing practice.

Avril Chambers - Yoga Teacher

Tawana Randall

Tawana Randall Yoga

My hesitation to step into my very first yoga class came from my misunderstanding that yoga is a feminine practice. At that time I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do less than sit for an hour breathing, stretching and chanting. Man, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I was in a space where my mind, body and soul were all challenged simultaneously- something I had never experienced before. My ADHD made Savasana, to my surprise, my biggest challenge. Fast forward a couple of months, and I found myself immersed in Teacher Training. Here I stand two years later, turning away from the safety net of my life as a lawyer and jumping feet first into my passion. That’s yoga, just by the way.

Nuts, right? Except it’s not, it’s exactly where I need to be, because it’s part of who I am.
I am guided by the heart and driven by passion. I teach what I love, because I know that is where my light is shared. I teach flow, I am fascinated by it, by the fluidity of movement and breath. It’s a beautiful harmony of challenge and calm.

I’m a 300hr Yoga Alliance International Hatha trained teacher, just throwing that in there. I am all about human connection, so let’s chat, let’s get to know each other better so that we can flow together.

Whatever your reason for your practice, I can’t wait to meet you on the mat 🙂

Mich Mulder

I essentially do not know life without yoga. I found myself in my first yoga class aged 6 and ever since then it has been an integral part of my life. Following the natural ebb and flow of life, there were periods where I felt myself more immersed in my practice than ever and times where my time on my mat was more sparse and spread out.

Every time finding myself back on my mat when life willed me there most.

I went on to practice Bikram at age 9 and a half and found Jivamukti, Vinyasa and Forrest yoga in my early teenage years. When it was time to go on and study something so I could forge my path forward, it seemed more apt than ever that I go study yoga. A process which only brought me even closer to myself, that expanded my growth and awareness exponentially. I started off with my 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training, then went on to Yin only to find myself at my Bikram Teacher Training- which had been a dream of mine since I was 12!

Yoga carried me through most of my greatest hardships, it cultivated a beautiful intimate relationship with myself where I have become truly comfortable facing myself and holding myself in love and tenderness. It has created a deep awareness of how I operate within my external experience of the world and also of my internal reactions to those.

Yoga has taught me so much and continues to do so every day that I am alive. It is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received and wish only to be the conduit that shares this beautiful gift with the world.

See you on your mats!


Mich Mulder
Mich Mulder