Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Practice is slow and deep with a focussed intention on micro-movements.

The focus is meditative, emphasizing awareness and an inner experience of the practices. This journey of awareness cultivates acceptance and compassion for the actual state of your body, heart and mind at the moment supporting a deepening in self-understanding and realigning your being with True self.

A quietening class to connect to inner stillness.

Wendy has been a dedicated Yogini and lover of Truth for nearly 20 years. She is passionate about helping people experience well-being and finds freedom through Yoga. She is a fully qualified Satyananda Yoga Teacher and has been teaching for 12 years.


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Ayurveda – Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapy

Ayurveda (known in Sanskrit as the ‘Science of Life’) is the ancient Indian philosophy of holistic health and wellbeing that originated over 5000 years ago and is a system that guides us in the art of living wisely. This natural healing system teaches us how to optimize physical, mental and emotional well-being and live a fulfilled life spiritually.

Ayurveda treats each person as unique. It takes into consideration all aspects of your diet and lifestyle and the effects these have on your wellbeing. It provides an integrated approach to the prevention and treatment of disease through herbal remedies, nutrition, massage, yoga, meditation and wise living as part of its philosophy to bring balance to your vital energies or ‘doshas’ namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha.


If you wish to optimise your health and vitality and live in a harmonious way that prevents disease, then you will benefit from this consultation.

If you wish to treat various chronic diseases with herbal medicines and changes to your nutrition and lifestyle habits, then you will benefit from this therapy session.


Wendy has experience with the following:

• All digestive ailments – IBS, constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, acidity
• Diabetes and high blood pressure
• Allergies, congestion, sinusitis, colds and flu
• Hormone imbalances, infertility, menopause
• Thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue
• Weight and skin disorders, arthritis and gout
• Disturbed sleep and headaches/migraines
• Depression, bipolar, panic attacks and stress

Holistic Counselling

Wendy is inspired by the spiritual teachings of non-duality. She helps you discover the intricate workings of the body-mind connection: the external is a reflection of your unknown and unhealed aspects.

Counselling provides support and guidance to explore your circumstances as well as your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This assists your personal healing in a safe and gentle manner. It helps you to understand your past and the impact it has on you and the quality of your life today.

The counselling process helps you gain insights by bringing greater self-awareness. Transformation is the natural outcome of awareness. By learning self-awareness you can access your unbounded potential.



• Unlock negative patterns and limiting self-beliefs
• Discover the intricate workings of the body-mind connection to support psycho-somatic healing
• Improve relationships and resolve conflict
• Feel through trauma, loss, grief and separation
• Overcome anxiety, panic attacks and depression
• Learn life skills to manage stress, cultivate clear communication, enhance self-confidence and facilitate true empowerment
• Feel inspired, awake and fully alive

All life is interconnected. You are intimately related to life and in a relationship with life. In fact, you are Life. So as you evolve, grow and transform, you benefit not only yourself but all those around you.

Our Teacher

Wendy Young

I am a qualified and experienced Psycho-somatic & Transpersonal Counsellor, Ayurvedic Therapist and Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Wendy Young

My inward journey began in 1999 when I started practising yoga. In 2001 I enrolled at the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales for a two-year Satyananda Yoga teacher training course. I later completed a year-long meditation course based on Yogic and Buddhist philosophy.

This proved the foundation of a life-long commitment to my own spiritual unfoldment. I realised that my calling was to share these profound teachings with others. I began as a massage therapist, some twenty years back, and then expanded my offerings to include counselling, coaching, awakening support, nutritional therapy and energy healing.

My work is my vocation: I feel called to be of service to people by offering them a safe space to heal and harmonise their lives as well as supporting their awakening process. My aim is not to change people, but to meet them from a place of unconditional acceptance and respect. The magic of transformation and empowerment is the natural outcome of awareness. By teaching people self-awareness, I help them to explore and embody their unlimited potential.