Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga

This form of yoga focuses on precision and endurance within a multitude of progressive sequences. A strong practice that incorporates dynamic, static and restorative postures to firm the body and steady the mind.

All levels welcome.

Iyenga Yoga
A classic Iyengar Yoga class set up - props are used to support the practitioner in doing the asana (posture) correctly.

Our Teachers

Lars Kruger

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Lars first dabbled in yoga by randomly attending Ashtanga classes in London in 1997. Only when living in Cape Town in 2002 did he take up a more regular practice. By chance, he walked into one of David Jacobs’ classes, and his rigorous teachings inspired Lars to stick with what turned out to be the ‘Iyengar method’. After a 3 year training programme, Lars certified as a teacher in February 2008. Along the way, he studied with numerous well-known American and Indian teachers, most of SA’s senior Iyengar teachers, and he is looking forward to a one-week intensive with Dr Geeta Iyengar in London at the end of May.

Brian De Wet

I started yoga because I heard an old person saying that if they could have anything back from their youth, it would be their flexibility. I was surprised to find out that yoga not only makes you flexible, it also makes you strong, physically, mentally and emotionally. I love all styles of yoga and chose to teach Iyengar yoga because of its versatility. I like that it has a lot of detailed corrections, teaches a large variety of postures, includes inversions and because it uses props, caters for injuries and growing capabilities. I see it as being an invaluable tool in assisting everyone to be active, energetic and capable, well into old age.

My approach is soft and strong, stable and supple. You will never be the best at all the poses, nor will you be the worst. With that in mind I strive to guide each person, in each pose, from their current, growing capability. Yoga can be practiced and progressed for life. There is no race. There is no competition. There is you, there is your body, heart and mind, there is your potential to keep yourself alive, awake and capable.

Yoga really does help make us amazing. You are always welcome at my classes, come and join in – anytime!

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James Happe

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James Happe has been teaching yoga since 2006 and has an approach that emphasizes getting clear on the fundamentals. He has qualified in Hatha Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga and is completing his certification in the Iyengar Yoga method. His focus is on biomechanics and the underlying principles of yoga that inform all of the postures. While continuing to teach asana (the physical postures of yoga) James’s focus has grown to include mindfulness and meditation training. James has a deep passion for introducing people to this timeless, life-enhancing system and ensuring they have a solid foundation on which to build their own practice.

“Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the masters. Rather seek what they sought.” – Matsuo Bashō