Nia Technique

Nia Technique

Nia combines fitness and wellness to a systematic – integrative fusion fitness concept. Movements, concepts and theories from the Eastern and Western world are being connected to a holistic exercise that is made for the entire body – not only individual muscles.

Nia owns the grace and spontaneity of dance, the flowing, organic movements of martial arts, as well as the precision and concentrated power of Tae Kwon Do. At the same time Nia is based on our own consciousness and includes the balance of yoga and the healing presence of integrative body therapies.

In contrast to many other fusion fitness concepts, the development of Nia was not to borrow techniques and then mix them together. Instead, movements have been analyzed and explored to their essence and their effects. Out of that comprehensive work, the Niatechnique has been developed. It’s the principles of Nia, the way of the body, which run the technology, not vice versa.

NIA is pure Joy of Movement

Above all, Nia is pure joy of movement. Through the danced, full-body movements to the music, a magical workout is created, that touches the participants much deeper than it is the case n conventional fitness programs with mechanical movements. In Nia, music is an important instrument, which stimulates our bodies and makes them sing. We do not use music only as an orientation for the beat, but also to perceive emotions and moods, which are converted into motion and integrated into the expression.

Nia is not about achievement, but about knowing and understanding your own body with all its levels, to get to know your own potential and to open up for the expressions of your own body on all its levels. Nia lessons are a good and secure way to reach strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation through the various forms of movement. Nia leads to an improved posture and is an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Our Teachers


My first memory of Nia was a 10 year old girl dancing in my room… when my father asked me what I was doing I didn’t know what to answer. The answer came to me once I stepped out of my white belt and into teaching in 2015.

Nia is a home. An egoless place, where something greater than me, comes through me and touches that place in others.

Nia is a universal language that invites me to embody my life in ever deepening ways. As a teacher I love the magic we co create in every class. I am excited to share with you!

  • White belt 2015
  • Green belt 2016
  • Blue belt 2017