Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga

A 90 minute, 26 posture series practiced in a heated room with high humidity. This is beginners’ yoga but is suitable for advanced practitioners alike.

It focuses on healing the body, cultivating strength, flexibility and balance and serves as an excellent compliment to Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga.

Bikram Teachers

Sally Flanagan

Sally studied Dramatic Art at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa and went on to discover Bikram Yoga when she was traveling in the United States in 1998. She received her Bikram Yoga Teacher Training certification in Los Angeles, CA, July of 1999 where she studied under Bikram. She was the 1st person from Johannesburg, South Africa to attend the Bikram yoga teacher training.

She founded Bikram Yoga Jozi in June of 2003 with then business partner Louise Boraine. In 2006, sally became the sole owner of Bikram Yoga Jozi. Over the past 5 years Sally has inspired 14 men & woman to attend the training. Johannesburg now hosts 3 Bikram Yoga studios: Bikram yoga Jozi, Fourways and Randburg.

While living in Los Angeles, CA, Sally trained in various other yoga disciplines namely Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, Tri-Yoga and power yoga. She has attended classes and workshops with Shiva Rae, Brian Kest, Seann Corn, Ana Forrest, Kali Ray, Gurmukh among others. Sally practices Transcendental & other forms of Meditation.

Sally Flanagan
Sally Flanagan

Nazreen Omar

Nazreen Omar
Nazreen Omar

Nazreen Omar initially embarked on a YogaKids Teacher Training program in the USA from 2005. She took three years to complete this elite training program for yoga for children. She began her stint as a kids yoga teacher in  August 2005 and taught yoga to young children, teenagers and children with special needs. As the only South African to be fully certified and recognised internationally on this program she also trains school teachers, yoga teaches and other professionals working with children the YogaKids program.

In light of her yoga path she further trained with Sally Flanagan owner of Yoga Experience in Illovo, Johanesburg in 2010. The Go Hot yoga training program gave Nazreen her breakthrough into the world of teaching yoga to adults.
In April 2011 she set off to the USA to train with Bikram Choudhary at his Yoga College of India in Los Angeles. After the intensive nine weeks Nazreen returned to South Africa as a cerified Bikram yoga teacher. She currently joins a strong, passionate and dedicated team of other Bikram yoga teaches at Yoga Experience in Illovo and at the Yoga Republic in Randburg.

Neil Joss

In 2006, Neil tried out yoga with a friend. In his first class, he sweated, went to hell and back and afterwards was glowing with happiness. He was hooked. He fulfilled his dream by going to the Bikram Yoga Teacher training in weikiki, Hawaii where not only did he train with Bikram but he also swam in the ocean where many of his surfing heroes swam. His Yoga journey has led him to train with world-renowned teachers Sean Corn, Ana Forrest, Shiva Rae, Gurmukh, Michael Gannon, John schumaker and the Jivamukti duo. ” But no one compares to Bikram.

He is an inspiration par excellence” Says Neil Neil practices all styles of yoga but Bikram is his language. He loves the fact that Bikram yoga is free from new age pretenses and is a practice that is all about working hard to heal oneself. Neil is an artist (painting and drawing) and an holistic health counsellor. He assists people in finding their own healing through nutritional guidance and connecting with their real selves.
Tamara Hancock
Tamara graduated from Bikram’s Teacher Training in Hawaii, November 2007. She has been teaching since December ’07 at Bikram Yoga Jozi and since Feb ’08 at Bikram Yoga on Republic. She has attended Ashtanga workshops with Michael Gannon (’06, ’07), Iyengar workshops with John Schumacher (’07), and a Kundulini workshop with Gurmukh (’08).

Neil Joss
Neil Joss

Marinus Muller

To me Yoga is learning to use the body more skillfully.  Over time what was difficult becomes easy, what was awkward becomes familiar, so I keep working with more and more difficult and crazy postures.  The point is not these postures though, I’m looking for a very specific response from my body; Discomfort.  The Body/Mind can feel uncomfortable for many reasons;
– Maybe I’m working really hard and so gaining Strength and Endurance.
– Maybe a stretch is really intense, so I’m working into deep layers of tension.
– Maybe a posture is difficult or scary, so it brings up fear and limiting-beliefs I hold onto: (I can’t do this, I’m not strong enough, I’m not flexible enough, etc)
In “sitting” with discomfort I often find stored long-term tension and emotions that no longer serve me and, at times, I am able to release and move beyond them.

I used to think of my body as a tool, something which I use as I want, now I think of it more in terms of a domestic animal that I have a relationship with. This relationship can be healthy or discordant. Some days my body is beautifully open and strong, other days it feels tight and week. I’ve had to learn compassion to allow my body it’s seasons.  I believe strong, vigorous exercise helps to release daily tension, burning off excess “flight/fright” chemicals in the body, so in my classes I like to juxtapose strong, intense work with deep, relaxing release.

Marinus Muller
Marinus Muller

Patrycja Mochocka

Patrycja Mochocka
Patrycja Mochocka

Since then Yoga has been a way to ground, heal and express myself. In 2009 I attended a Vinyasa Yoga Teachers Training and a Yoga Experience YTT in 2010 ever since then I have been sharing what I know to the best of my ability. As we grow as people and yogis there are different things which become important in our practice, it’s a constant flow of evolution.

Yoga has been my path to self discovery and acceptance. The practice and amazing people I met in classes supported me in recovery from an eating disorder, depression as well as all the fun and light times. My yoga teachers were there to love me until I learned to love myself and that’s the space I like to hold for my students. A space of safety, freedom of expression and love. I hope to meet you on mat soon.

Aimée Barnes


Aimée teaches Vinyasa Flow, Hot 26 and Yin. Quite simply she loves yoga and teaching. Passion isn’t something that can be taught and it is a treat sharing in her enthusiasm. She’s very perceptive and approachable and creates an atmosphere where people can grow and learn. Her obsession with anatomy drives constant learning that she readily shares with students. Like most great teachers Aimée has the ability to distill information and communicate it in an accessible way. Her enthusiasm is almost tangible as she moves around, lovingly guiding, advising and adjusting, ensuring the best experience whether you are young ,old, experienced or brand new.

“Teaching has been an incredible gift for me. When I see people who are experiencing challenge and change in their practice, they are unwittingly holding up a mirror of my own experiences. I learn to develop sensitivity for myself through their struggle and I think that is a beautiful exchange. All I can do is truthfully teach what I practice and learn. I love yoga for it’s healing and transformative potential and it delivers on that promise on our emotional as well as physical bodies.”

Teachers who inspire her include Shiva Rae, Meghan Currie, Donna Farhie and Tony Sanchez.

Shasta Goodfellow

Shasta is a barefoot child of the Earth, a tree-climbing goddess. Like most Scorpios, she’s swept through life by the swirling river of transformation, sometimes kicking and screaming, often almost drowning, but along the way beginning to get the hang of flowing with the currents. From Zambian missionary child to yoga teacher her evolution has taken her through an insightful journey, bringing a little bit of wisdom and a whole lot of compassion. Through her work as a birth educator, Shasta’s deepest desire is to see more of the souls reaching Earth being encouraged to participate wholly in their own birth process, with the cooperation of their parents.  To play yoga with Shasta is to know her.


Safiyah Vally

My yoga journey began in 2011 in Cape Town. I remember my first class being hot, sweaty and really difficult but the feeling I experienced after was one of healing and that is when I knew my yoga journey began. One of my favorite quotes are from Osho. He says, “Don’t move the way fear makes you move, move the way way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move”. This is one thing that yoga has definitely taught me. I completed my teacher training with my inspiring teacher Sally Flanagan- Gutjahr in 2015 mastering the Hot 26+ bikram postures. I am still a student of this beautiful art of yoga and continue learning. Through this learning I aspire to inspire others and share the teachings. Yoga has changed my life helping me with anxiety, stress and depression. You need nothing to be happy but something to be sad. I look forward to the journey ahead. Love and light always.

Eliza Roza

Hot Yoga transformed my life on a whole other quantum level! From the inside out as they say, bones to skin. I started my yoga journey in 2006 and with each year of practice, my muscles got stronger, my mind clearer and my heart more open. Teaching this style of yoga was my natural next step and I can’t wait to see as many of you in class as possible. You can find more information about me at Namasté, Eliza

Anni Cohen

I started my yoga journey in 2000 and joined my first teacher training with the YYI in 2001. I have been practicing Bikram yoga since 2003 and qualified as a teacher in LA in 2006.

Yoga, unlike running or anything else that I’ve done, provides a space in which I become centred and still; sometimes my practice is fluid and graceful and I love the ease and at other times it is hard and all I can do is breathe, but there is never space for a debate or a shopping list. It is the same when I teach.

I feel like I am only still at the beginning of my journey and I’m learning every day.

Catherine Fourie

  • Yoga practitioner since 1995
  • Discovered Bikram Yoga via his book Bikram’s Beginning Hatha Yoga
  • First official class January 2007
  • Bikram Yoga Teacher training at Bikram’s Yoga College of India,
    Los Angeles, California June 2011

This yoga has been a vital support for my life, I cling to the knowledge that

” it does not matter how good you are, it matters how hard you try.” Bikram